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11th Class Date Sheet Quetta Board 2023

Important news for the 11th class students of Quetta board! The Quetta Board 11th class date sheet 2023 has been announced. The date sheet can be downloaded from this page really easily. The date sheet was announced by the board through its social media accounts. It is advised not to waste this crucial time, all students should download the date sheet from this page and start preparing for their exams right away. Students will get to know the exact dates, timings and venue of their exams from the 11th class date sheet. We will also provide the roll number slips for 11th class students on our website so stay tuned. Some important points about the 11th class date sheet of BISE Quetta Board 2023 are given below:

  • BISE Quetta 11th class date sheet 2023 was published on board’s website on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023.
  • According to the date sheet, the first year theory exams will start from 13th May 2023, and will finish on 9th June 2023.
  • The Quetta board will conduct the practical exams after conducting the written/ theory exams.
  • The BISE Quetta Board usually announces the 11th class roll number slips minimum 10 to 15 days before the exams starting date.


Morning Session
Paper Will Start at 09:30 AM
Evening Session
Paper Will Start at 02:00 PM
13-05-2023SaturdayLibrary Science (Group I, II)1st YearGeography (Group I, II)1st Year
15-05-2023MondayPhysicsCivics2nd YearPhysicsCivicsPrinciples of Accounting (I.Com)2nd Year
16-05-2023TuesdayBotanyHome Economics (For Females)(Gp:I,II)1st YearBotanyComputer Science (GP: I,II)Hitory (GP: I,II)Principle of Commerce (I.Com)1st Year
17-05-2023WednesdayZoologyMathematics2nd YearZoologyMathematicsBusiness Statistics (I.Com)2nd Year
18-05-2023ThursdayEnglish Compulosry1st YearEnglish Compulosry1st Year
19-05-2023FridayPakistan Studies2nd YearPakistan Studies2nd Year
20-05-2023SaturdayUrdu Compulsory1st YearUrdu Compulsory1st Year
22-05-2023MondayBotanyHome Economics (For Girls)(GP: I,II)2nd YearBotanyComputer Science (Gp: I,II)History (Gp: I,II)Commercial Geography (I.Com)2nd Year
23-05-2023TuesdayPhysicsCivics1st YearPhysicsCivicsPrinciple of Accounting (I.Com)1st Year
24-05-2023WednesdayChemistryIslamic Studies2nd YearChemistryIslamic StudiesPrinciple of Banking/Computer Studies (I.Com)2nd Year
25-05-2023ThursdayZoologyMathematics1st YearZoologyMathematicsBusiness Mathematics (I.Com)1st Year
26-05-2023FridayUrdu Compulsory2nd YearUrdu Compulsory2nd Year
27-05-2023SaturdayIslamic Education1st YearIslamic EducationEthics (for Non-Muslim) (Gp: I,II)1st Year
29-05-2023MondayEnglish Compulsory2nd YearEnglish Compulsory2nd Year
30-05-2023TuesdayChemistryIslamic Studies1st YearChemistryIslamic StudiesPrinciple of Economics (I.Com)1st Year
31-05-2023WednesdayMCQs (Practical Theoretical Part)Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Home Economics
Stat, Library Science, Psychology
CompositeMCQs (Practical Theoretical Part)Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer
Geography, H & Physical Education,
01-06-2023ThursdayBalochi (Group-I)Education (Group-I,II)1st YearArabic, Balochi, Brahvi, Pashto, Persian,
Urdu Advance, English Advance (Gp: I, II)
1st Year
02-06-2023FridayBalochi (Group-I)Education (Group-I,II)2nd YearArabic, Balochi, Brahvi, Pashto, Persian,
Urdu Advance, English Advance (Gp: I, II)
2nd Year
03-06-2023SaturdayStatistics (Group-I,II)Philosophy (Group-I,II)1st YearEconomics (Gp: I, II)1st Year
05-06-2023MondayLibrary Science (Group-I,II)2nd YearGeography (Gp: I, II)2nd Year
06-06-2023TuesdayStatistics (Group-I,II)Philosophy (Group-I,II)2nd YearEconomics (Gp: I, II)2nd Year
07-06-2023WednesdayPsychology (Group-I,II)1st YearHealth & Physical Education (Gp: I, II)1st Year
08-06-2023ThursdayPsychology (Group-I,II)2nd YearHealth & Physical Education (Gp: I, II)2nd Year
09-06-2023FridaySociology (Group-I,II)1st YearSociology (Group-I,II)2nd Year
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