Friday, September 29, 2023

20 people died, many houses and vehicles were burnt due to fire in the forests of Greece

The fire in the forests of Greece could not be controlled even after four days, the number of people killed in the fire has reached 20.

According to rescue officials, 20 charred bodies were found in the northern areas affected by the forest fires, possibly migrants.

Rescue officials say that people are still being evacuated from the fire-affected areas, many houses and vehicles have been burnt by the fire while hot weather and dry winds are causing the fire to spread.

Romania’s firefighting team is also participating in the firefighting operations, while the European Union has also announced the dispatch of two firefighter planes.

Canadian forest fires spread further, 30,000 homes ordered to evacuate

On the other hand, orders have been given to evacuate more than 30,000 homes due to the fires in Canadian forests.

Officials say the fire has given Canada’s northwest until Friday to evacuate, after which people have been evacuated by car and plane.

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