Saturday, September 30, 2023

A new type of corona was discovered, it started affecting people in different countries

The new type of Corona was identified in Israel, Denmark, United Kingdom and America

Experts have discovered a new type of corona virus in different countries of the world, which has started affecting people in many countries.

According to the media report, experts have informed about the fears of the new type of corona. At the end of July, one case each in USA, UK, Israel and three cases have been confirmed in Denmark.

Scientists are keeping a close eye on this new strain, but there is no evidence that this new strain can spread faster than its predecessor.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged people to follow the same precautions as before.

Corona cases have recently been increasing across the US, Europe and Asia, but they are largely attributed to a subtype, similar to Amicron, which was initially reported in November 2021.

The World Health Organization has classified the new strain as an emerging outbreak of interest, indicating that it should be watched more closely.

According to the CDC website, the number of corona-related hospitalizations is low but has been increasing since early July.

According to available data, this new strain is still spreading but not as affected as before.

Dr. S. Wesley Long said that the vaccine still provides strong protection against the epidemic. New corona booster shots are being designed to prevent the new type.

Moderna said that preliminary trial data showed that the new vaccines are promising against the newly introduced corona strain.

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