Friday, September 22, 2023

A senior purser of PIA died after being injured in a traffic accident

PIA senior purser Rashida Majeed, who was injured in a road accident on her way from Sialkot to Lahore for duty on the flight, died after being in a life and death struggle for several days.

Pakistan Airlines Cabin Crew Association says that making cabin crew to travel by road at night for duty is a violation of Pakistan Civil Aviation and International Civil Aviation Law.

A PIA spokesperson said cabin crew slip has been restored in Jeddah to reduce travel by road.

According to PIA sources, senior purser Rashida Majeed was sent from Sialkot to Lahore in a private company car late at night for duty on Jeddah flight.

On the way, the car collided with a trawler, seriously injuring air hostess Rashida Majeed, who died on Monday after a three-week struggle for life and death.

Sources say that three PIA air hostesses have been injured in two traffic accidents between Lahore and Sialkot in a week.

The Pakistan Airlines Cabin Crew Association says that the PIA management’s decision to allow air hostesses to travel by road at night is a violation of safety rules.

The cabin crew safety manual clearly states that road travel at night is prohibited and cabin crew will not be in uniform during road travel, whereas both air hostesses were in uniform at the time of the accident.

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority had given limited permission for air crews to travel by road during the Corona epidemic in 2022, but PIA has made it a permanent policy.

Sources say that instead of PIA vehicles, the staff are made to travel in the cars of private companies, the drivers of these vehicles are tired and often addicted to drugs.

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On this issue, the PIA spokesperson said that no law was violated in making the cabin crew travel by road, however, the stay of PIA air hostesses at Jeddah station has been restored to reduce the travel by road. has been done.

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