Thursday, September 21, 2023

Adil sold my immoral videos in lakhs after marriage, Rakhi Sawant

If the videos become viral, what face will I show to the world, actress Abdeedah during the press conference

Controversial Indian actress model Rakhi Sawant has made serious allegations against her ex-husband, saying that Adil Durrani sold her nude videos for millions of rupees in Dubai.

While Rakhi’s ex-husband is accusing the actress and claiming to bring the facts before the world, Rakhi is also not silent.

Recently, during a press conference, Rakhi made serious allegations against Adil and said that ‘I was in the bathroom and Adil was making my videos, he has many nude videos on which I was silent’.

The actress raised questions and said, “If those videos become viral, what will I do, take poison?” Commit suicide? Where should I go? What face will I show to the world? In which society will I live? I am not an ordinary girl, I am a celebrity of India, I am a brand.

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