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After a delay of 24 hours, the express reached Lahore, the passengers were dropped on the way

Karachi Express 16-Down will depart at 9:45 PM

Lahore: The Hazara Express train reached Lahore with a delay of 24 hours after the accident.

Tezgam Express, which arrived in Lahore with a delay of one day, also dropped the passengers going to Rawalpindi in Lahore, who will be dispatched in another train.

The money will be given back to the passengers who did not go to Rawalpindi, on the other hand, Green Line and Karakoram will also reach Lahore in some time, whose passengers will leave for Rawalpindi in other trains.

Apart from this, Karachi Express 16-Down will depart at 9:45 PM, while Tez Gam 8-Down will depart from Rawalpindi to Karachi at 3:25 PM and Allama Iqbal Express will depart from Sialkot to Karachi at 5:15 PM from Lahore. .

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17 hours after the train accident, the down track was restored, the bodies of 29 people were handed over to the heirs

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It should be noted that after the Hazara train accident, the track has now been restored, but the movement of trains is still affected.

35 hours after the accident of Hazara Express, the up track of the railway was restored, after the track was restored, the movement of trains started, the first train was passed through the Khyber Mail up track.

It may be recalled that the down track was restored 17 hours after the Hazara Express train accident yesterday.

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