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Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan 2023 | Today DAP, Engro and Nitrophos prices

Fertilizers provide vital nutrients to crops that encourage healthier growth. The latest fertilizer prices from all companies in Pakistan can be found on this page. Fertilizers help increase crop yields by providing plants with essential nutrients and minerals.

Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan Today 20, February 2023

Fertilizer/Khad Name50 KG Average Price per BagUpdated On
Urea – Sarsabz or SonaRs. 2,250 to 2,400Today 18th February 2023
SSPRs. 2,000 to 2,500Today 18th February 2023
SOP Granular- FFCRs. 15,500 – 16,000Today 18th February 2023
MOP – FFCRs. 11,900 – 12,100Today 18th February 2023
Sarsabz NPRs. 9,370Today 18th February 2023
NPKRs. 8,000 – 8,100Today 18th February 2023
DAP (Pakarab or FFC)Rs. 11,600 – 11,700Today 18th February 2023
DAP – SarsabzRs. 11,450Today 18th February 2023
Sarsabz CAN-GRs. 2,120Today 18th February 2023
Sarsabz CAN-FRs. 2,099Today 18th February 2023
Sona Boran (3 KG pack)Rs. 950Today 18th February 2023
Sona Zinc (3 KG pack)Rs. 1,050Today 18th February 2023
Efert. Agritrade ZorawarRs. 12,175Today 18th February 2023

Crop Fertilizers Brand in Pakistan:

The main companies that produce fertilizer in Pakistan are:

  1. Fatima Fertilizers (including Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd.) Khad Factory : Sarsabz Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), Sarsabz Urea, Sarsabz Nitrophos (NP)
  2. Engro Fertilizers: Engro Urea, Engro DAP, Engro NP, Engro Zarkhez, Engro MOP, Engro SOP, Engro SSP,
  3. Fauji Fertilizers FFC: Sona Urea, Sona DAP & FFC DAP, FFC SOP, FFC MOP

Major Crop Fertilizers:

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Some of the most common fertilizers used to make crops more productive and improve soil fertility are:

  • NP (Nitrophos Nitrogen and Phosphorus)
  • Urea
  • SSP (Single Super Phosphate)
  • SOP (Sulphate of Potash)
  • MOP (Potassium chloride)
  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  • DAP (Di Ammonium Phosphate)

Fertilizer rates are set by the Pakistani Government and while there can be slight variations, all brands are generally priced the same. There is not a significant difference in Fertilizer prices between Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan provinces.

fertilizer rates in pakistan

Fertilizer Growth In Pakistan

It use is one of the most important components of agricultural production in Pakistan. The country has been relying on imported fertilizers to meet the demands of its rapidly growing population and economy. However, the government is now working to increase domestic production of fertilizer in order to reduce reliance on imports.

The government has set a target of increasing fertilizer production to 1.5 million tons by 2021. To achieve this, the government is investing in the development of new fertilizer plants and is also providing subsidies to encourage farmers to use more fertilizer. In addition, the government is working to improve the efficiency of fertilizer use through training programs and extension services.

The efforts of the government are starting to pay off, as Pakistan’s fertilizer production has increased by 25% in the last year. This is expected to continue in the coming years, as more fertilizer plants come online and farmers become more aware of the benefits of using fertilizer. As a result, Pakistan is likely to become increasingly self-sufficient in fertilizer and will be able to reduce its reliance on imports.

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What is the price of DAP fertilizer in Pakistan?

The price of DAP fertilizer in Pakistan can vary depending on the supplier but is typically around 11,600 Pakistani Rupees per 50 kg bag. This price may change based on market conditions. Khad rate today in Pakistan is different in each province and always choose the khaad with wholesale rate because at retail rate local stores can sell more costly.

Give your feedback regarding Fertilizer prices in Pakistan and if you think the prices are changing now let us know.

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