Thursday, September 21, 2023

Application for fixing the date of election, request to Lahore High Court for removal of general assistance

According to the timeline, at least 4 months are required for new constituencies, Additional Attorney General

The Lahore High Court issued a notice to the Attorney General during the hearing of the petition for orders to fix the date of general elections to the President of the State and summoned him for judicial assistance.

The Additional Attorney General said in the court that there are different timelines for new constituencies which are not possible for the Election Commission to reduce.

He said that it is a very sensitive matter, according to the timeline, at least 4 months are required for new constituencies.

The court remarked that therefore everyone is sensitive in this matter.

The court inquired as to why the census was not approved if it was conducted in June. Whatever timeline is created should be brought within ninety days.

The Lahore High Court further said that the assemblies were not dissolved suddenly, everyone should have been aware of this matter. The Election Commission should have kept its preparations complete in any case.

Adjourning the hearing till September 6, the court remarked that whatever the timeline is, the timeline for conducting elections is 90 days.

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