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Bail dismissal against Maryam Nawaz’s bail cancellation request withdrawn

Broad Sheet Company’s request for opening Panama Volume 10 was also dealt with
The Supreme Court has laid the basis for withdrawal of the Broad Sheet Company’s request for the opening of the Panama JIT volume 10, and dismissed the NAB’s request for cancellation of Maryam Nawaz’s bail.

A three -member bench headed by Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial heard the request for access to Volume 10.

During the hearing, Justice Atharmanullah remarked that we would not go because it was removed from an elected prime minister, you wanted to proceed in the Volume 10 arbitration court. Ho

Broadsheet’s lawyer Latif Khosa said in his arguments that the matter has not yet been ineffective. Justice Athar Mannullah inquired to explain what made the proceedings in the arbitration court.

The Additional Attorney General said in response that the issue of mediation had been resolved. On this, the Chief Justice said, “We will listen to you but we know what the request is before us. At this time you are not present on the merit request before the court. We have a miscellaneous request.”

Latif Khosa, a lawyer for the Broad Sheet Company, said that it was done in Volume 10 to keep it secret.

Justice Atharman Allah inquired that a five -member bench had given any passage about Volume 10 in the Panama decision. On this, lawyer Latif Khosa said that under Article 19A, the public has the right to see how the country was returned.

Justice Athar Manullah said, “We will not go to this. In this, an elected Prime Minister was removed, you needed for action in the Volume 10 Arbitration Court. There, the matter was resolved. Now your request is ineffective.”

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The Additional Attorney General said that the Broadsheet’s property received 20 % from the reclaimed property, $ 28 million was given.

Lawyer Latif Khosa said that the agreement was that the Sharif family’s property recovered 20 % of the company will get the company, where is Pakistan 80 % of the people?

On this, Justice Athar Manullah said that you should talk about your client broad sheet, not the Pakistani people.

Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial remarked that the broad sheet can no longer say anything about Volume 10, to the extent that the matter has been resolved. The other party is the NAB and it stands before us.

Justice Athar Mannullah inquired whether the five -member Panama Bench wrote something about Volume 10. Broad Sheet lawyer Latif Khosa said the bench sealed the volume 10.

The Chief Justice remarked that you can apply for the matter under 184/3, do not talk about public interest by placing it on the shoulder of Mr. State.

Justice Shahid Waheed said that your Power of Attorney is not certified by the Foreign Office for advocacy in Latif Khosa case.

Justice Athar Manullah said, “Do you want to revise the Panama decision?” On this, Latif Khosa said, “No, Panama does not want to go to the decision, I do not care about disqualification under the Panama decision, why the Sharif family is powerful to control every institution.”

The Chief Justice, while talking to Latif Khosa, said, “Sardar Sahib is the English word, Relix, you will relieve it, or we will offer cold water.

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He said that a 5 -member bench of Panama did not write anything on Volume 10.

Justice Athar Mann Allah remarked, ‘Broad sheet is not a representative of the Pakistani people’.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition on the basis of withdrawal of the Volume 10 record by Broad Sheet.

Maryam Nawaz’s bail cancellation dismisses NAB request
The Supreme Court heard the NAB’s plea regarding the cancellation of the bail of the PML -N chief, Maryam Nawaz, a three -member bench headed by the Chief Justice heard the case.

NAB withdrew the petition against Maryam Nawaz, and the court dismissed the petition against Maryam Nawaz on the basis of withdrawal.

NAB submitted a written reply to the court in the case, while Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial directed the NAB prosecutor to read the written reply.

The NAB prosecutor told the court that Maryam Nawaz’s case was not hearing after NAB amendments, instead of dismissing the petition.

The Chief Justice inquired that if you deal with the application, you would like it.

The court dismissed the case while dismissing the NAB petition against Maryam Nawaz.

It may be recalled that Maryam Nawaz has been accused of over -income assets in the Shamim Sugar Mills case, and NAB filed a petition for cancellation of Maryam Nawaz in Shamim Sugar Mills.

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