Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Bashari Bibi arrives at District Jail to meet Imran Khan

Bashari Bibi’s vehicle was searched before going to jail

Former Bashrai Bibi Chairman arrived at Attock Jail to meet PTI chairman, where police stopped him at the nose, and his vehicle was searched a thorough search, after which she was allowed to go to jail.

Bashra Bibi arrived at the district jail to meet PTI chairman Imran Khan along with the legal team, and police stopped his vehicle on jail.

PTI’s legal team negotiated with the police and Bashari Bibi was allowed to meet with her husband.

After searching for Bashir Bibi’s car, police left for jail in the hideout of vehicles, Bashiri Bibi has previously held two meetings with Imran Khan, and this is the third meeting with her husband.

Imran Khan’s bathroom also has cameras
Additional Sessions Judge Attock Shafqatullah Khan visited the jail on August 15. After which he has submitted his written report.

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In the report, the Additional Sessions Judge said that the CCTV camera is installed outside Imran Khan’s cell, the wall of his toilet’s “L” shape is just three and a half feet high.

According to Additional Sessions Judge Shafqatullah Khan, due to a CCTV camera at a height of five to six feet, Imran Khan has no privacy available during the use of toilet and bath. Imran Khan also complained.

He said that lawyers and wife also have difficulty accessing chairman Imran Khan.

The Additional Sessions Judge said that the complaints of Chairman PTI are completely accurate and keeping them in this state is a clear violation of Pakistan Prison Rules 257 and 771.

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The report said that the superintendent has assured to resolve the complaints.

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