Thursday, September 28, 2023

Bilal Yasin murder attack case moved to session court, terrorism provisions abolished

LAHORE: The Anti-Terrorism Court ordered the transfer of the case to the session court, abolishing the provisions of terrorism in the case of murderous attack on (N) League leader Bilal Yasin.

The accused had filed an appeal against the provisions of terrorism in the Lahore High Court, the provisions of terrorism have been removed from the case on the order of the Lahore High Court.

Anti-Terrorism Court Administrator Judge Abhar Gul Khan heard the case of murderous attack on PML-N leader Bilal Yasin in which advocate Malik Ishrat appeared on behalf of the accused.

The accused Mian Haseeb Wiki, Asad Hamid, Hamid Mehmood, Mohsin Manzoor, Maruf Ali and Zulfiqar among others appeared in the court while the hired killers Majid and Kasid alias Kashi involved in the case were also produced from jail.

During the hearing, the lawyer of the accused said that our appeal to remove the provisions of terrorism from the case was pending in the Lahore High Court, which has been approved. Bilal Yasin is accused of each murderous attack.

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