Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Blaming staff is a lame excuse, President should resign, former ministers react to President’s statement

Arif Alvi has failed to hold office, former finance minister

Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says that the President should resign from his post, he has failed to assume his position, Former Advisor to the Prime Minister Atta Tarr says that the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Bill were not withdrawn, the staff is blamed. Staying seems like a lame excuse.

President of Pakistan Arif Alvi announced on the social networking site Twitter that he did not sign the Official Secrets Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill, and asked his staff to send the bill back, but the staff did not sign it as per my wish. Disobedience and disobedience.

The president should resign from his post
Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar reacted to the President’s statement and said in his tweet that it is unbelievable, the minimum requirement of morality is that the President should resign.

Ishaq Dar says that Arif Alvi has failed to assume his position, official affairs are done in files, the completion of official affairs is ensured.

Blaming the staff seems like a lame excuse

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