Thursday, September 21, 2023

Canadian Airlines will start direct flights to major cities of Pakistan

Canadian Airlines will start direct flights to major cities of Pakistan.

Zara Airways ( a new Canadian private airline, has announced plans to start direct flights from Toronto to three major cities in Pakistan in August.

The airline will offer three weekly flights from Toronto to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Initially, two Boeing 777 aircraft will be used, with the possibility of increasing the size of the fleet based on demand.

Zara Airways, founded by Pakistani-Canadian businessman Faqir Bawar Hussain Bhakari, has partnered with Shaheen Airport Services for ground handling and other staff.

Before commencing operations, the airline is in the process of obtaining a No Object Certificate (NOC) from the Canadian government.

At a news conference in Karachi, Bhakari expressed excitement about the direct flights, stressing that it will increase the convenience and accessibility of travel between Canada and Pakistan.

The airline’s CEO Syed Quli said the flights will cater to a wide range of passengers, including Pakistanis in Canada and tourists visiting Pakistan.

Additionally, discussions are ongoing with Air Canada for potential code-sharing agreements on certain flights, which would offer passengers additional travel options.

Former Managing Director of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Ijaz Haroon has joined Zara Airways as a consultant. Haroon emphasized the airline’s focus on direct flights to benefit older passengers who prefer to avoid connecting flights and long-haul flights at major airports.

It aims to provide a more comfortable travel experience, especially for families and their elders traveling from Canada to Pakistan.

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