Sunday, September 24, 2023

Cipher case: Hearing continues on the petition against Imran Khan’s bail

Justice Amir Farooq is scheduled to hear bail on the same in the Division Bench

In the Islamabad High Court, the hearing of the case against the bail application of Chairman PTI Imran Khan in the cipher case is going on.

The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court is hearing the petition of Imran Khan, on this occasion Barrister Sultan, Chairman PTI’s lawyer, presented the references of various court decisions.

The lawyer Chairman PTI said in his arguments that Imran Khan has been appearing in the concerned court, but his bail was dismissed on technical grounds, when the accused is arrested, he cannot appear on his own.

On this, the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court said that in the Division Bench, bail is scheduled to be heard on the same, and these applications are also heard along with it.

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