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Cipher case: Judges on leave, PTI’s appeal to duty judge for hearing

The duty judge can hear the bail application in the cipher case or not

Special court judge Abul Hasanat Muhammad Zulqarnain is on leave today, due to which PTI chairman and Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s bail application will not be heard, while PTI has appealed to the duty judge to hear the applications.

Judge Abul Hasanat Muhammad Zulqarnain of the special court hearing the cipher case under the Official Secrets Act is on leave today, due to which the bail plea of Chairman PTI and Shah Mehmood Qureshi will not be heard today.

When PTI Chairman and Shah Mehmood’s lawyers reached the court, the court staff informed them that Judge Abu Al-Hasnat Zul-Qarnain was on leave till September 8.

PTI lawyers requested to show us some way what to do.

The lawyers of chairman PTI and Shah Mehmood appeared in the court of duty judge Raja Jawad Abbas and appealed to hear the petition.

Duty Judge Raja Jawad Abbas said that there is no notification of the Official Secret Act, if you get the mark from the High Court, I can also hear the case, there are two ways either the Registrar should approach the High Court or wait till September 9.

PTI’s lawyer Babar Awan said that we submit an application, whatever you order, we accept it.

On behalf of PTI, a request was filed to the duty judge to hear bail, in which it was requested that there is a matter of bail, you are the duty judge, so listen to us.

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Duty Judge Raja Jawad Abbas said that a request for leave has been sent to the Registrar Islamabad High Court, there are 24 courts, I can hear all of them, I am the duty judge for the rest of the courts, in my absence, Shahrukh Arjmand is the judge. There will be, but here the case is different, this is not a case of Anti-Terrorism Court, this case is going on under the Official Secrets Act.

Raja Jawad Abbas said that apart from the Official Secret Act, I can use the authority in other courts, being an admin judge, my jurisdiction can be used in 24 courts.

The FIA prosecutor raised an objection as to how they could file an application in this court.

PTI lawyers took the stand that as a duty judge you can hear the petition, if you say I am not authorized, then we will go to the High Court.

Judge Raja Jawad Abbas said that you do not know me, otherwise you would not have used the word forced, I am not forced.

Barrister Salman Safdar said that the duty judge can reject bail for non-compliance, so why can’t the duty judge hear it now?

The judge said that if there had been a notification that the duty judge could hear due to the leave of the judge, then he would have listened.

The PTI lawyer said that you should write down that you cannot hear this case.

The court issued a notice till 12 noon to hear PTI chairman’s request. Whether the duty judge can hear the bail application in the cipher case or not, arguments were called for.

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Shoaib Shaheen’s conversation with the media
Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shoaib Shaheen while talking to the media outside the judicial complex said that Judge Abul Hasanat has gone on a week’s leave, the request was not heard even on the previous date after two and a half hours of discussion.

Shoaib Shaheen said that the application has been filed in the duty judge’s court for a hearing, but the judge says it is not my authority. The court has called for arguments at 12 o’clock whether they will hear the case or not.

It should be noted that while Chairman PTI Attock Jail Shah Mehmood is imprisoned in Adiala Jail, the court had asked the arguments from the parties today.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s judicial remand was extended till September 13 in the cipher case hearing held on August 30 in District Jail Attock.

Imran Khan was produced in front of Judge Abul Hasnat, the court extended his judicial remand for 14 days after PTI Chairman’s appearance.

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