Monday, September 25, 2023

“Claims not to sign and apologize for becoming a law, the president is doing two things”

Silence is semi -consent, Khawaja Asif

Prominent law expert Shah Khawar said on President Pakistan’s statement yesterday that the president was claiming not to sign on the one hand and on the other hand he was also apologizing for becoming a law, he was doing two things. Former Federal Minister Khawaja Asif says silence is semi -consent.

In a tweet yesterday, President Arif Alawi denied the official secret amendment bill and the signing of the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill, saying that I disagreed with these laws, I told the staff to send the bill back. Order.

The president’s statement has triggered a wave of concern among domestic politicians and legal experts, and so far dozens of politicians, legal experts and analysts have issued statements.

Former Home Minister Khawaja Asif has reacted to the president’s statement, saying that silence is semi -consent, the president did not approve the bills nor returned the bill, so it would be silent, and silence means consent. happens.

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Prominent law expert Shah Khawar has reacted to President Arif Alawi’s statement, saying that President Pakistan has said very sensitive, on the one hand, the president is saying that he did not sign, and on the other hand, saying that the law has become and pardon. They are also asking.

Shah Khawar said that President Pakistan has done one or two things, a judicial inquiry into the matter should be made.

Expert Law Advocate Zulfiqar Bhatta said that the office of the President of Pakistan is a credible office.

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Ikram Chaudhry said that the Official Secret Act and the Army Amendment Act were the most important bill. The President should have sent an immediate reference to the Supreme Court on the matter.

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