Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Conflict between the Chinese delegation and the Indians in Delhi on the G20 conference was revealed

Indian authorities tried to search the belongings of the Chinese delegation. Suspicious devices in bags
India took revenge for the non-participation of the Chinese President in the G20 conference with the delegation sent by him, the dispute between the Chinese delegation and the Indians has been revealed in Delhi’s Taj Palace Hotel.

A Times of India report claimed that the bags carried by the Chinese delegates were unusually large and ‘suspicious’.

Describing the size of the bags as suspicious, Indian media claimed that hotel staff were asked to ‘clear’ them as they were classified as diplomatic baggage.

A staff member reported a ‘suspicious item’ inside the bag, after which India harassed the dignitaries for 12 hours.

The report claims that hotel officials wanted to put the bag through a scanner to ensure the contents inside, but the Chinese delegation apparently opposed it.

However, after 12 hours, it was decided that the bag would be sent to the embassy.

India, which gives full protocol to heads of state of other countries, also viewed with suspicion the demand for a private network by its rival country’s delegation.

The Chinese delegation asked that instead of the hotel’s internet connection, they should be provided with a private connection.

It should be noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent Chinese Premier Li Qiang to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi.

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that New Delhi does not see this move as a shock because every country can decide for itself at what level it will be represented, the important thing is what position the country took. How much has contributed to this discussion and results?

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