Monday, September 25, 2023

Delaying elections on the pretext of constituencies is against the constitution and law, Pakistan Bar Council

The redistricting schedule is a delaying tactic, the announcement said

Chairman Executive Committee Hasan Raza Pasha has issued a condemnation statement on behalf of the Pakistan Bar Council, in which it has been said that there is serious concern over the decision of the Election Commission to delay the elections beyond the constitutional limit of 90 days.

The Pakistan Bar Council has expressed serious concern over the postponement of the general elections, and in this regard, Vice-Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Haroon Rashid and Chairman Executive Committee Hasan Raza Pasha have issued a statement of condemnation.

In the announcement of Pakistan Bar Council, it has been said that according to the Constitution of the Election Commission, elections should be held within the stipulated period, the schedule of re-arrangement of constituencies is a delaying tactic.

It has been said in the declaration that according to the constitution, the Election Commission is bound to conduct elections within 90 days, free and transparent elections should be conducted on time.

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