Thursday, September 28, 2023

Due to the weight of the plane, 19 passengers were taken off the plane

A British airline has offloaded 19 passengers from the plane because the plane was too heavy for take-off.

According to foreign media reports, a British airline flying from London to Liverpool took off 19 passengers due to the weight of the aircraft being too heavy for take-off.

According to media reports, the flight was supposed to take off at 09:45, but due to bad weather conditions and weight, the take off was delayed by 2 hours.

In the July 5 incident, passengers were asked to voluntarily ‘decide to disembark’, after which the plane took off at 11:45.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the pilot can be seen explaining the situation to the passengers on board.

The video, apparently recorded by a passenger on the same flight, shows the pilot announcing the situation and asking 20 passengers to voluntarily deplane.

According to media reports, the British airline also confirmed the incident as 19 passengers voluntarily decided not to fly from Lanzarote to Liverpool due to bad weather and were put on the next flight.

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