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Election Commission consultation with political parties today also called for a meeting on the President’s letter

Chief Election Commissioner may not meet him according to Dr Arif Alawi’s wishes, report
ISLAMABAD: After the letter was written by President Dr Arif Alawi, the Election Commission convened a meeting on the issue of general elections today.

Sources say that Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja will preside over the meeting in which the members and the Secretary Election Commission will be present.

According to sources, the meeting will review the constitutional issues related to the invitation of the President and the history of the election.

To determine the date of the general election, the Chief Election Commissioner may not meet him according to Dr Arif Alawi’s wishes as the issue of election date is the privilege of the Election Commission of Pakistan after the recent amendment to the law.

Election Commission sources said that a meeting has been convened today before taking any stand on the letter sent by the President to the President so that the members of the Election Commission can be taken as Arif Alawi. Not obliged to consult.

The law on this matter is clear, President Arif Alawi cited the wrong clause of the constitution for this purpose, the President has invited the Chief Election Commissioner citing Article 48 (5) of the Constitution.

According to the relevant part of Article 48 (5) of the Constitution, “while the President dissolves the National Assembly, despite anything involved in the clause (a), he will set a date for the assembly to hold a general election. The date of departure will not be more than 90 days. “

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In this case, the National Assembly was dissolved after the completion of the Prime Minister’s advice, not by the Prime Minister’s advice. The president can dissolve the assembly using only 58 (2) when a non -confidence movement against the Prime Minister is approved and no member has a majority in the House.

On the other hand, the Election Commission will start consultation with the political parties from today and will meet with the delegation of Pakistan Tehreek -e -Insaf and Jamiat Ulema -e -Islam.

In this regard, the Election Commission has sent invitations to the political parties for the meeting, the PTI delegation will consult the commission at 2 pm and the JUI delegation will consult the Commission at 3 pm.

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