England’s famous player Alex Hales will play PSL or not? Important news for cricket fans

London (Urdulight.com) English batsman Alex Hales has decided to prioritize Pakistan Super League (PSL) over national duty.

According to the British media, English batsman Alex Hales will not play the series against Bangladesh, but instead of the series, he will participate in the PSL.

Alex Hales will represent Islamabad in the Pakistan Super League, he will get a total of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars for playing PSL. According to the British media, England has to play a series against Bangladesh from March 1 to 14, without Being a contracted player, Hales was supposed to get 5,000 pounds for ODIs and 2,500 pounds for T20s.

Alex Hales could have lost a lot of money for missing PSL matches. It should be noted that the eighth season of PSL will start from February 13.

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