Saturday, September 23, 2023

Federation changed Sindh IG without consultation, PP complains to caretaker prime minister

The inside story of the PPP delegation came out from Anwaral Haq Kakar

The inside story of the PPP delegation came out from caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar. The delegation has raised objections to the Chief Secretary, I Sindh and other appointments and transfers.

The inside story of the meeting of the leaders of PPP Sindh with the caretaker prime minister came out. The delegation said in the meeting with the Prime Minister that we were under pressure not to change the IG Sindh before the completion of the 3-year term.

The delegation told the Prime Minister that the Federation changed the IG of Sindh without consultation and he was not allowed to complete his 3-year term.

The PP delegation expressed reservations and added that Sindh officers have been removed or sidelined in the federation. Out of 41 ministries in the federation, only 4 secretaries belong to Sindh.

He said that 7 officers of 22 grades belonging to Sindh are deprived of posting, Chief Secretary Sindh also belongs to another province.

Sources say that the delegation objected to the freezing of development funds in Sindh, massive transfer posting, the PP delegation also objected to the appointment of IG Sindh Chief Secretary Sindh.

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