Tuesday, September 26, 2023

For Imran Khan, B -Class approved, family will be allowed to meet

Chairman PTI also provides room coolers, prayers and prayers

Chairman PTI Imran Khan was arrested from his residence in Zaman Park in Lahore and shifted to Attock Jail yesterday, where he spent the night in the ‘C class’ barracks, but now they have been provided with B -Class facilities.

Chairman PTI has been provided with B -Class facilities in jail, Imran Khan had to be imprisoned in the “C class” on the first night, during which security was very tight outside the jail and around the sides, The area of jail was declared a red zone and the DPO banned the coverage of the media there, with the back wall of the jail security alert.

In the morning, security personnel were replaced and they were replaced by fresh personnel. Imran Khan was given a mango juice in the morning. Although on social media, it was also claimed that Imran Khan ate four boiled eggs and demanded a goat’s fruit, but these claims could not be confirmed.

According to the Home Department, the chairman PTI has been approved to give a B class, which will allow him to meet the family once a week.

Sources say that Chairman PTI has been provided with B -Class facilities, in B -class cooler will be allowed to have a accent, newspaper, washroom facility and walk.

On the other hand, sources said that Chairman PTI was allowed to pray in jail, and he was returned, prayed and praised, while his barracks were also delivered to the room cooler.

Sources say Imran Khan is likely to transfer to another jail.

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A and B category facility in jail is not available
Attock jail warden says that former Prime Minister Imran Khan is eligible for the A class category, but at present there is no A and B category facility in jail, so he will now have to stay in the C category.

A and B Class category is located in Adiala and Bahawalpur jail of Rawalpindi in Punjab province.

What are the prisoners of prison AB and C category?
The prisoners are usually kept in three categories. The C or the Common Category is kept in criminals who are convicted in murder, robbery, theft, fighting and thus minor cases.

In the B category, prisoners are kept involved in murder and fighting quarrels but belong to a good family or graduate, so they are also provided with B -class category jail.

In addition, the A class category is kept in top government officials, federal ministers or those who pay more taxes.

The prisoners are also provided with beds, TVs, ACs, refrigerators and a kitchen in A category prisons. Not only this, 2 laps are also provided that they do small things.

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