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Al-Khidmat Foundation | Serving Humanity with Compassion

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a well-known Pakistani charity organization, founded in 1990 by a group of young volunteers who were motivated to serve humanity in times of crises. Since then, it has become a leading humanitarian organization in Pakistan and has been working to serve underprivileged communities through its various welfare programs. With its headquarters in Lahore, Al-Khidmat Foundation now operates in over 100 cities across the country and has also established its presence in other countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Healthcare Initiatives

Al-Khidmat Foundation has been instrumental in providing basic healthcare facilities to the people who cannot afford it. It runs various health projects such as mobile clinics, dispensaries, and medical camps across the country. The organization has also established several hospitals and clinics in different cities of Pakistan, which are providing quality healthcare services to the people at affordable rates. The foundation also runs various healthcare programs, including free medical camps, maternal and child healthcare, and disaster response and management.

Education Programs

Education is one of the main focuses of Al-Khidmat Foundation’s welfare programs. The organization believes that education is the key to the development of any society, and that every child has the right to education. It runs several educational programs across the country, including schools, colleges, and vocational training centers. These educational programs are aimed at providing quality education to the children from underprivileged backgrounds, who otherwise would not have access to such facilities. The foundation also provides scholarships to deserving students who cannot afford to pay their educational expenses.

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Clean Water Projects

Access to clean water is a basic human right, and Al-Khidmat Foundation is working to provide clean water to the people who do not have access to it. The organization has launched various water projects across the country, including the installation of hand pumps, tube wells, and water filtration plants in different villages and towns. The foundation has also launched the “Water for Life” campaign, which aims to provide clean water to the people living in remote areas of Pakistan.

Disaster Response and Management

Pakistan is prone to natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and droughts, and Al-Khidmat Foundation has been actively involved in providing relief and rehabilitation to the affected communities. The foundation has a dedicated disaster response team that works round the clock to provide immediate relief to the affected people. It also runs rehabilitation programs that help the affected people to rebuild their lives after the disaster. Al-Khidmat Foundation has received various awards and recognition for its disaster response and management programs.

Humanitarian Services for Refugees

Pakistan has been hosting millions of refugees for several decades, and Al-Khidmat Foundation has been actively involved in providing humanitarian services to these refugees. The foundation provides them with basic necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare facilities. Al-Khidmat Foundation has also been working to provide education to the refugee children who do not have access to schools.


Al-Khidmat Foundation has been serving humanity with compassion for over three decades. Its welfare programs have touched the lives of millions of people across Pakistan and beyond. The organization’s commitment to providing basic necessities such as healthcare, education, and clean water has helped to uplift the lives of the underprivileged communities. Al-Khidmat Foundation’s dedication to humanitarianism and its tireless efforts to serve humanity have earned it a place among the leading charity organizations in the world.

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