Friday, September 29, 2023

Four people died due to electrocution in Lucky Marwat

The four men were working on an 11,000-megawatt power line, a Rexio spokesman said

4 people died due to electrocution near Shehbaz Khel area of Lucky Marwat.

According to the rescue spokesperson, 4 people died due to electrocution near Shahbaz Khel, all four people were working on 11 thousand megawatt power line.

Rexio spokesperson said that during the work, electricity was activated from the grid station, due to which the four people died on the spot due to electrocution.

The four persons are said to be private technicians who were laying the HT line, the deceased include Waliullah, Arifullah, Hazrat Ali and Mir Ahmad Shah.

The rescue spokesman said that the four people who died due to electrocution have been shifted to the hospital

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