Thursday, September 21, 2023

Government employees of Punjab turned out to be operatives of banned organizations

Several employees are doing government jobs despite being convicted, sources said

In Punjab, employees of the health department, police, education and other institutions including WAPDA have turned out to be operatives of terrorist organizations, while many employees are still doing government jobs despite being convicted.

According to sources, the fourth schedulers belonging to terrorist, banned organizations turned out to be government employees of Punjab, and according to records, 26 government employees had links with various banned organizations.

It has been stated in the report that the Fourth Scheduler includes the constables of Punjab Police, health department, district administration, teachers and employees of WAPDA.

According to the records, the cases of several government employees are still under trial, and 8 government employees in the list of 4th scheduler have retired from service, 2 government employees have been dismissed from service.

Fourth schedulers are required to attend the police station monthly, but the report also revealed that out of more than 1,400 fourth schedulers across Punjab, more than 100 are missing.

Sources said that government employees in the Fourth Scheduler remained in touch with terrorist organizations, and several employees are still holding government jobs despite being convicted.

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