Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Hassan Niazi and Haider Majeed’s recovery requests to combine

Case hearing postponed till August 25

The court ordered the recovery requests for the recovery of Chairman PTI’s nephew Hassan Niazi and his friend Haider Majeed.

A local court in Lahore heard the request for recovery of Haider Majeed, a colleague of PTI nephew Hassan Niazi.

Haider Majeed’s father, Mohammad Majeed, has filed a petition for the recovery of his son.

Additional Advocate General Ghulam Sarwar Nahing has submitted a report by the government. According to the report, Haider Majeed was handed over to the Military Court for further investigation and trial and the authority related to Haider Majeed is investigating.

The court ordered the petition to be combined with a petition filed for the recovery of Hassan Niazi. And adjourned the case till August 25.

The court has given the petitioner the time to file a response to the report.

It may be recalled that Hassan Niazi, the main accused in the Jinnah House attack case, has been handed over to the army for a military trial. And Hafizullah Niazi, the father of Hassan Niazi, has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court against keeping his son in detail and recovery.

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