Wednesday, September 27, 2023

High Cushmanar gave certificate of appreciation to Mah Noor for the world record

The success of Mahnoor will further strengthen the academic relationship between the UK and Pakistan.
Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mah Noor Cheema, who achieved excellent results in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSC).

) High Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Faisal awarded British Pakistani student Mah Noor Cheema with a certificate of appreciation for her historic success in the General Certificate of Secondary Education examination.

Mahnoor’s extraordinary achievement of passing 34 GCSE subjects with top grades has set an international record.

The High Commissioner praised Mahnoor’s high academic achievement and called her a beacon for young girls around the world.

He appreciated Mah Noor not only for bringing honor to his family but also for highlighting the extraordinary educational talent of Pakistanis at the global level.

Dr. Muhammad Faisal expressed his best wishes to Mah Noor for achieving the best performance in the field of education.

Dr. Faisal congratulated Mah Noor’s parents and praised them for their abundant support and guidance to their daughter while also acknowledging their important role in fostering an environment conducive to academic success and achieving high achievement. He stressed the importance of encouraging parents in raising children.

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