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Chief Justice Amir Farooq explained the reason in a dialogue with Imran Khan’s lawyers

Islamabad ( During the hearing of Imran’s disqualification case in the Islamabad High Court, Chief Justice Amir Farooq, speaking to the lawyers of Imran Khan, said that an objection was raised on his behalf on the bench. Salman Abuzar Niazi said that you are the best. Judge, we have only presented some information. The Chief Justice High Court said that in 2018, he did not excuse himself from hearing this case due to personal reasons. If the bench is reconstituted, we will place the matter before a larger bench.

According to the private TV channel “Express News”, the disqualification case of Imran Khan was heard in the Islamabad High Court for not disclosing his alleged daughter in the nomination papers. Abuzar Salman Khan appeared in the court, Imran Khan had submitted the initial response in the case yesterday.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq said that Imran Khan’s initial objection is that he is not a public office holder at the moment, the Election Commission will clarify the situation. Lawyer Salman Butt said that the notification has been done on the newly won seats of Imran Khan, Chief Justice Amir Farooq said that he has also raised objection on the bench.

The Chief Justice of the High Court said that there was some reason at that time, based on which I said that I will not hear the case, I will seek the notification of de-notification from the Election Commission, the petitioner challenged Imran Khan’s 2018 villa affidavit

The Chief Justice, talking to the lawyers of Imran Khan, said that an objection has been raised on your behalf on the bench, Salman Abu Zar Niazi said that you are the best judge, we have only presented some information, the Chief Justice of the High Court said that after hearing this case in 2018. The apology was not made for personal reasons, at that time the petitioner requested to be placed before a specific bench, however, if you raise objection, the bench will be reconstituted, we will place this matter before the larger bench. Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Amir Farooq has decided to form a larger bench in Imran Khan’s disqualification case.

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