Wednesday, March 29, 2023

CTD arrests nine terror suspects


The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab arrested 9 terror suspects belonging to banned outfits. According to a CTD spokesman, the department conducted 20 intelligence-based operations in different districts across the province to prevent any untoward incident of terrorism. As many as 20 suspects were interrogated and 9 suspects were arrested with weapons, explosives and other prohibited materials.

The arrested terror suspects include Abdul Rehman, Raweed Khan, Hanifullah Khan, Jalil Ahmed, Basit Ali, Junaid Ali, Ghulamullah, Ahmad Hasan and Amdadullah. The aforementioned suspects belong to the banned organizations Al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Talban Pakistan, the spokesman added.

CTD seized one suicide vest, 8.13kgs of explosive material, 2.8 feet of safety fuse, 3 electric circuits, a battery, one rocket, one rocket charger, 7 hand grenades, 11 detonators, one SMG with 40 rounds of ammunition, 2 30-bore pistols with 18 rounds, 7 books of banned organizations, 6 receipt books of banned organizations, 7 stickers of banned organizations, one banned organization’s flag, one USB drive, 3 mobile phones and Rs44,070 in cash. The suspects allegedly planned acts of sabotage across the province and aimed to target important installations and religious places, the spokesman said.

During the past week, a total of 476 combing operations were jointly conducted with the local police and law enforcement agencies.

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