Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Deaths due to alleged poisonous gas, 10 more cases registered against factory owners

KARACHI: Mochco Police has registered 10 more cases on the death of alleged poison gas in Kemari Ali Muhammad Goth on court order.
All the cases have been filed against the heirs of the deceased, in which the owners of the illegally established factories in Ali Muhammad Goth have been named.

It should be noted that 18 people were killed due to the alleged release of poisonous gas in Ali Muhammad Goth of Kemari area of Mochko police station in the last few days, after which the Mochko police registered 10 more cases on the order of the court, including murder and poisoning. The provisions of The number of cases registered in this regard has increased to eleven.

According to the statement of the plaintiffs, recycling factories are operating in the residential population of Ali Muhammad Goth. Unhealthy smoke, stench and dust blowing from factories creates environmental pollution, the effects of which have proved to be dangerous to health and life-threatening. Smoke, stench and environmental pollution caused diseases that caused deaths. These deaths were due to the negligence of the factory owners, so action should be taken against them.

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