Wednesday, March 29, 2023

FIA is considering arresting Imran Khan from Lahore, consultation is ongoing

Islamabad: The Federal Investigation Agency has started considering the arrest of Chairman PTI from Lahore and consultations are also ongoing in this regard.

According to the sources, in the context of requests for interim bail in the Banking Court on the case registered under the Foreign Exchange Act against PTI Chairman Imran Khan and 11 other accused in the FIA Commercial Banking Circle Islamabad, the FIA officials Attached.

In case Imran Khan’s interim bail is rejected by Banking Court, FIA has started considering to arrest Imran Khan from Lahore. In case the interim bail is released, consultation is being done to mobilize the team of FI to Lahore.
According to the senior FIA officer, if the interim bail is denied, the FIA will take legal action for the arrest of Imran Khan and other accused whose bail has not been confirmed.

It should be noted that FIA Commercial Banking Circle Islamabad has registered a case against Imran Khan and others after completion of the reference inquiry sent by the Federal Ministry of Interior in the context of Election Commission decision regarding PTI foreign funding case. In which PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Senator Saifullah Niazi, Amir Kayani, Arif Masood Naqvi of Woton Cricket Club, 11 leaders and members of the financial team and the bank manager have been named accused.

Sardar Azhar Tariq Khan, Syed Younis Ali Raza, Tariq Rahim Sheikh, Tariq Shafi, Faisal Maqbool Sheikh, Hamid Zaman, Muntoor Ahmad Chaudhry are also involved in the case. The case was registered under the provisions of Section 109 of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 including Section 5 and 23 of the offense of fraud, cheating, submission of false affidavit.

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It should be remembered that the Islamabad High Court has stopped the Banking Court from deciding on Imran Khan’s bail application till February 22.

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