Thursday, March 23, 2023

PSL8; “I want my coaching United to be champions again”

Karachi: Islamabad United’s head coach and former all-rounder Azhar Mehmood once again showed his availability for the national team and expressed his determination to make Islamabad United champions for the third time in PSL8.

Speaking to the media at the National Stadium Karachi, Azhar Mehmood, the head coach of the franchise, said that the first two matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) have proved to be interesting. The world is seeing that the tournament is emerging as a competitive league. .

He said that the manner in which Shoaib Malik and Imad Wasim of Karachi Kings took the match to the end in the match against Peshawar Zalmi is quality cricket.
Mickey Arthur is once again becoming the head coach of the Pakistan team, let’s see who he chooses in the team management, as a Pakistani always available for the team.
Azhar Mehmood said that while reviewing the performance before the match against Karachi, Shoaib Malik has a keen eye on aggressive cricket. A lot of catches were dropped in the match between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi, we need fielding skills.

He said that there are better expectations from Colin Munro, Paul Sterling and other foreign players to compete with Karachi Kings. I wish that Islamabad United will become champions once again under my coaching.

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