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How Does Milk Tea Make You Cancer?

How Does Milk Tea Make You Cancer?
Bad news for tea lovers, how to make your own tea.

A cup of hot tea ( can cure everything from a bad day to a bad mind, but it can also be harmful when consumed in excess.

Even drinking too much tea can cause cancer.

Is tea harmful to health?
Tea is generally not harmful to health, but it depends on how it is prepared, what its ingredients are, what type of leaf is used and how it is consumed. has gone

All these things can lead to some digestive diseases and lead to many other health problems.

The effect of caffeine
Tea contains caffeine, which promotes energy and alertness. However, excessive consumption of tea can also lead to stomach upset, indigestion and other digestive ailments.

In addition, excessive consumption of tea in the afternoon can also disturb sleep and cause long-term insomnia.

However, it’s not just the caffeine that can lead to lifestyle disorders, cancer, and other digestive diseases, but the refined sugar added to tea addiction is just as harmful.

How can drinking tea with milk increase the risk of cancer?
Tea leaves contain many health-enhancing compounds such as polyphenols and antioxidants, which help reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which help prevent many types of cancer.

But high consumption of milk and sugar-based teas can raise triglyceride levels, which can increase the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, liver diseases and liver, stomach and colorectal cancers.

However, more research is needed to establish a link between high consumption of sugar and milk tea.

So it’s better to avoid overconsumption or stick to herbal infusions, which are high in antioxidants that can protect against many diseases.

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