Friday, September 29, 2023

How many remittances came in June? State Bank report continues

State Bank of Pakistan has released a report regarding remittances.

According to the statement of the Central Bank, Pakistanis living abroad sent 2 billion 184 million dollars to Pakistan in June 2023, worker remittances in June were 4 percent more than in May.

In the statement of the State Bank, it has been said that the remittances of June 2023 were 22% less than June 2022.

Workers’ remittances in fiscal year 2023 were 27 billion 20 million dollars, workers’ remittances in fiscal year 2022 were 31 billion 27 million dollars.

In fiscal year 2023, workers’ remittances remained low by 13.6%, this year, 6 billion 44 million dollars came in the form of remittances of Pakistani workers from Saudi Arabia.

Worker remittances from Saudi Arabia decreased by 17% in fiscal year 2023, worker remittances of 7.75 billion dollars came from Saudi Arabia in fiscal year 2022.

In June 2023, 515.1 million dollars came from Saudi Arabia, 343.0 million dollars from the United Kingdom.

Last month, 324.7 million dollars came from the United Arab Emirates, while 272.3 million dollars came from the United States.

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