Monday, September 25, 2023

If the net metering policy ends, sales of solar panels will be affected, experts say

Now suddenly there is a fear of ending or changing the net metering policy, Chairman Nepra Committee

Karachi: Due to the lack of continuity in the government’s policies, not only investors were worried, net metering users were also worried.

The possible end of net metering not only threatens people’s investment, but also a significant drop in solar panel sales.

Generation of electricity from alternative sources of energy To reduce the use of fossil fuels, the target of 30% generation of electricity from renewable energy sources was given as incentives for solar energy and relief to domestic and industrial consumers for obtaining their own electricity.

According to Chairman NEPRA Committee Rehan Javed, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority gave a policy of net metering in 2015, after which large scale domestic consumers installed solar panels on their roofs and sold electricity to distribution companies, but now suddenly net metering is implemented. The policy is likely to end or change.

He said that if the policy ends, lakhs of rupees will be lost for those who have invested in net metering.

On the other hand, energy expert Abu Bakr Ismail said that solar panel business people are also worried about the possible termination of metering net metering. People used to buy large panels to generate electricity from solar.

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