Saturday, September 23, 2023

IG Punjab court summons for arresting Parvaizalhi despite court order

If the IG Punjab does not appear, the court will issue an order, Lahore High Court

The government lawyer told the Lahore High Court that the DIG Operations and DIG Investigation who arrested Parvaizalhi have gone to Balochistan, giving time to the IG Punjab to appear. On which the court said that the IG Punjab and the officers should appear in the court at 2 o’clock, if they do not appear then the court will issue an order.

A case was heard in Lahore High Court against the arrest of Parvez Elahi despite the court order. The application was heard by Justice Amjad Rafiq.

When the hearing started, the petitioner’s lawyer told Justice Amjad Rafiq in a dialogue that he had ordered Parvez Elahi to be brought home and had approved his security bond. The first attempt was made to arrest Pervez Elahi on Mall Road. When he was arrested, two and a half to three hundred masks and forty to fifty vehicles came.

The lawyer said that two police cars stopped Pervez Elahi’s car, 15 to 20 civilians opened the door, the whole operation was a minute long, I kept asking if you have any warrant, he did not answer. Parvez Elahi kept shouting that if there is any order, show it.

The court summoned DIG Operations, DIG Investigation and SP Security Lahore, then the government lawyer said that DIG Operations and DIG Investigation have gone to Balochistan on an official visit. The Public Prosecutor filed a reply on behalf of both the officers by the Legal DSPs.

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The court ordered the public prosecutor to ask the two officers over the phone whether they will appear today or not. If they do not appear today, show cause notices will be issued to them.

The court gave the two officers till 11 am to appear.

When the hearing resumed after the break, the public prosecutor requested the court to grant time to the IG Punjab to appear.

The court ordered the IG Punjab to appear at 2 pm and remarked that if the IG Punjab does not appear, the court will issue an order. DIG Operations and DIG Investigation also appeared in the court at 2 pm.

It should be noted that on September 1, the Lahore High Court ordered the release of Parvez Elahi and also ordered him not to be arrested in any case. The police arrested again.

The policemen picked up Pervaizalhi by her hands and legs, put her in the car and took her away.

According to officials, Pervaizalhi has been arrested for 15 days under 3MPO and will be shifted to Adiala Jail for 15 days, but he was shifted to Attock Jail late at night.

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