Monday, September 25, 2023

IG Punjab embraces the constable who abuses himself

IG Police Visit the Institute of Mental Health, Constable’s Mother, Meeting with therapists

IG Punjab recently met the constable, his mother and physicians who went viral due to social media acts and embraced Shahid Zohaib.

IG Police Usman Anwar visited the Punjab Institute of Mental Health and hugged Constable Shahid Abbas there and expressed his best wishes for early recovery.

Usman Anwar discussed the treatment of constable Shahid with psychologist Dr Asad, IG Punjab said that making fun of one’s illness is equivalent to abusing the patient and the family.

He said that by ordering a bipolar disorder is a curable disease, instead of making such a patient a part of the memes, pray for his recovery.

He added that the treatment of Shahid Zohaib is under the supervision of the best psychologists.

IG Punjab said that the claim of keeping the constable Shahid in the lockup is false and contrary to the facts.

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