Monday, September 25, 2023

Iman Mazari started a stupid, hungry strike in a police van

The enemy wants to be something bad with my daughter, the lions

Former Federal Minister Shireen Mazari has said on the occasion of the court attendance of daughter Eman Mazari that the enemy wants something bad with my daughter.

Anti -Terrorism Court Judge Abul Hasanat has approved a three -day physical remand of Faith Mazari arrested in the case of terrorism and rebellion in the area.

Talking to the media in Islamabad, Shireen Mazari said that when I was seated in the van, she was unconscious when she was seated in the van and was taken, but despite her the doctor was not allowed to meet.

According to Shirin Mazari, Faith was not even given the book of Grandpa’s poetry.

“Faith has forbidden to eat, the enemy wants to have something bad with my daughter, faith is a human rights lawyer and his life is in danger,” he said.

Shirin Mazari further said that we are not going anywhere. Faith will come to the forefront, the court respects human rights, faith should be released.

Earlier, on the occasion, Faith Mazari was embraced by the mother.

He said that I had done hunger strike, my poems were not given books and during the interrogation no one asked me any questions.

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