Sunday, September 24, 2023

In the NAB report, allegations of corruption of crores of rupees, kickbacks against Monis Elahi

The money transferred is apparently for bribes and kickbacks, NAB reports

LAHORE: After Pervez Elahi became the chief minister, it has been revealed that lakhs of foreign currency were transferred to the bank accounts of Monis.

In the NAB inquiry report against Monis Elahi, it has been revealed that more than 82 crores was collected in different accounts of Monis after Pervez Elahi became the chief minister.

The NAB report said that 1 million 84 thousand Euros were transferred to Mons Elahi’s accounts, while 100,000 pounds and other currencies including Pakistan were also transferred.

According to the report, during various contracts in Gujarat, the money was deposited in Mons Elahi’s accounts, the money transferred apparently for bribes and kickbacks.

The NAB report further said that Parvez Elahi’s daughter-in-law Zahra Elahi also bought 748 kanals of land in Gujarat for 153 million rupees, however, the investigation involved in the Mons Elahi case has not been conducted yet.

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