Thursday, September 28, 2023

India-Pak match reserve day: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh agree despite coaches’ reservations

The Asian Cricket Council agreed to reserve day yesterday

The head coaches of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka expressed their concerns about the Asian Cricket Council holding a reserve day for the India-Pakistan match of the Asia Cup, but later an explanation came out from their boards.

In the super stage of the Asia Cup, the Pakistan-India match will be played in Colombo on September 10, but in view of the ongoing heavy rains in Sri Lanka, the Asian Cricket Council has expressed its willingness to keep a reserve day in case of rain in this important match yesterday.

In case of rain, the India-Pakistan match will be played on reserve day on September 11.

The PCB had expressed its reservations after the rain forecast, after which the reserve day was finally approved by the ACC.

After this news, Indian media reported that Sri Lankan cricket team head coach Chris Silverwood and Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathuru Singha are not happy with this decision.

The head coach of Bangladesh said in the pre-match press conference on Friday that the Asia Cup Technical Committee is representative of all participating Asia Cup countries, this decision must have been taken for some other reason.

He said that we have not been consulted in this regard, we would also like to have a reserve day if it rains during the match. I won’t say anything more because the Asian Cricket Council has decided, but if they consult us, we would definitely give our opinion.

Description of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Cricket Boards
Later, in the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s X-Post, an explanatory statement was given that, “The reserve day for the India-Pakistan match has been decided with the consent of the Asian Cricket Council and all the teams.”

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