Saturday, September 30, 2023

India sent insecticide to Muslim country in the name of cough syrup

In Uzbekistan, 65 children died due to the use of syrup in 2022

The Indian company got the cough syrup approved by paying a bribe of 33 thousand dollars.

The chief executive officer of an Indian pharmaceutical company has contracted a substandard cough syrup from his country’s company Marion Biotech.

Lured by higher profits, Marion Biotech added ingredients used in insecticides to the syrup.

The pharmaceutical company also waived the quality test of the drug by paying a bribe of $33,000 on the import to Uzbekistan.

The CEO of the Indian company Coramax Partarsingh has also admitted to paying thousands of dollars in bribes.

In this regard, the Uzbek authorities say that the Coramax company had overstated the price of the syrup for tax fraud.

It should be noted that 65 children died due to the use of syrup in Uzbekistan in 2022, after which the license of the Indian company was suspended in the US, European Union and other countries.

It should be remembered that three employees of the company have also been arrested for the death of children from the cough syrup made by the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech.

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