Saturday, September 30, 2023

Inflation has decreased in Afghanistan, the currency has strengthened.

Revealed in the latest World Bank report on Afghanistan’s economy

The World Bank has revealed the strengthening of the Afghan currency and the decrease in inflation in the report released on the economic situation of Afghanistan.

The latest report of the World Bank on the economic conditions of Afghanistan states that compared to the previous year, the inflation rate in Afghanistan has decreased by more than 9 percent and the prices of consumer goods have decreased by 12 percent.

The World Bank has also stated that the currency of Afghanistan has also become more stable compared to the currencies of other countries.

The World Bank issues a monthly report on Afghanistan’s economic situation, which focuses on various indicators of the economy.

In the latest report, most of the economic indicators including inflation in Afghanistan have been described as positive.

According to the report, the overall inflation has decreased by 9%. The companies included in the survey for the report said that compared to last year, the demand for goods has decreased while the goods are available in abundance in the market.

The World Bank has further said in the report that there is no data to know the reason for the decrease in inflation, but if the same trend is taken into account, there may be a further decrease in inflation.

Another major reason for the decrease in inflation in Afghanistan is the stability of the currency exchange rate, which has become more stable compared to the dollar last year.

The report further states that 1 in 3 families living in Afghanistan face economic challenges.

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