Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Shutter down strike in Occupied Kashmir against Modi’s usurping policies

Srinagar: A total strike is being conducted against Modi government’s occupation of lands under black law, eviction of permanent residents, resettlement of Hindus and controversial delimitations in Occupied Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a complete shutter down strike is being conducted in Occupied Kashmir on the appeal of Hurriyat parties. Markets, educational institutions and offices are closed, transport is absent while roads and streets are deserted.

Despite the step-by-step deployment of Indian soldiers and police personnel, the Modi government could not forcibly open the market from the shopkeepers, nor did the people bow down to these crude tactics.
Ever since the Modi government abolished the special status of Kashmir and bifurcated it into two federal units, there has been a nefarious conspiracy to reduce the Muslim majority.

Under this conspiracy, permanent citizens are being evicted from their lands and are being settled by bringing Hindu families from India. The doors of business and jobs have been closed to Kashmiris.

Homes of Kashmiris are being demolished and Kashmiri leaders who raised their voices against this oppression are being arrested and imprisoned in dangerous Indian jails. Hurriyat organizations had appealed for a complete strike today.

On the other hand, former Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir Farooq Abdullah said that the Modi government thinks we are fools, these constituencies are a conspiracy to declare Kashmir as a Hindu state.

He gave this reaction to the statement of Home Minister and BJP president Amit Shah in which he said that statehood will be restored in Jammu and Kashmir after the elections.

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It should be noted that the court had also rejected the petitions filed against the Modi government on the disputed constituencies and arbitrary distribution of assembly seats in Occupied Kashmir.

The Modi government has laid the groundwork for rigging ahead of the elections by arranging fake voter lists, disputed constituencies and arbitrary assembly seats, with the aim of undermining the Muslim population and ensuring its victory.

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