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Intra -court appeal against the arrest of city Shahryar Afridi’s arrest

If you accept it, then every case will have intra -court appeals against interim order, High Court

The Islamabad High Court upheld the objection to the intra -court appeal against the suspension of the arrest of city Shahryar Afridi and told the public prosecutor that if he accepts, then there will be intra -court appeals against interim order in each case, against the interim order. How is an intercource appeal?

In the Islamabad High Court, PTI leader and former federal minister Shahryar Afridi’s arrest was heard on an inter -court appeal against a single bench decision to suspend the arrest, Chief Justice Aamir Farooq and Justice Tariq Mehmood Jehangiri heard.

Chief Justice Aamir Farooq asked the government lawyer that your appeal was objected to by the Registrar’s Office. To which the government lawyer made the stand that there was a 3 MPO law and arrests were made according to the law.

The Chief Justice remarked that the Registrar’s Office’s objection is that a single bench of the case has not yet been finalized.

Advocate General Islamabad read the order of a single bench and took the stand that the court had given full relief in the order passed.

Justice Tariq Jehangiri remarked that the MPO has not yet been banned but has imposed some conditions. To which Advocate General Islamabad said that Shahriar Afridi had been released.

Chief Justice Aamir Farooq remarked that the fact is that it is just the interim order of a single bench, the bench has also imposed some conditions while releasing Shahriar Afridi in the interim order.

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Justice Tariq Jehangiri said the court had imposed sanctions on the accused that he could not even talk to the media.

Chief Justice Aamir Farooq asked a public prosecutor whether the accused had made a rally after his release, either you should tell that he had damaged the defects after his release. Is the hearing? Why do your intra -court appeal numbers, tell me something, if you accept, then in each case, there will be intra -court appeals against the interim order.

The court adjourned the hearing, keeping the objections of the Registrar’s Office on the District Magistrate’s intra -court appeal.

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