Wednesday, March 22, 2023

COMSATS Gets Backlash Over Vulgar Quiz

COMSATS University in Islamabad has landed itself in serious trouble on social media after a vulgar question paper went viral.

According to the details, the question paper for the first semester of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) asked students to write an essay about an incest relationship between a brother and sister.

The question was a part of the ‘English Comprehension and Composition’ and it included a paragraph titled, ‘The Julie and Mark Scenario’, a story about two siblings making love while staying alone at the cabin.

Furthermore, the students were asked to read the incest story and provide their opinion on the matter as well as include relevant examples in an essay of at least 300 words.

It is pertinent to mention that said question paper was part of the examination held last year in December 2022. Moreover, the Minister of Science and Technology look notice of the matter last month in January and ordered an inquiry into the question paper.

“The content of the quiz is highly objectionable and totally against curriculum laws of the Islamabad Republic of Pakistan and caused unrest amongst families of the students.” the ministry said in a notice. “In light of the above, the undersigned is directed to convey that the Rector COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) may kindly take strict action against the responsible quarters and conduct and inquiry on the highly objectionable contents of the quiz.” it added.

Following the inquiry, COMSATS University terminated the lecturer, Mr. Khair ul Bashar, and blacklisted him for future employment at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI).

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However, the COMSATS vulgar quiz has gone viral on social media and sparked severe backlash as people show concerned over the quality of education being provided at our local institutes.

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