Thursday, March 23, 2023

I can’t surrender from right to speak, says Imran Riaz Khan

LAHORE: After getting released, Bol News Anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan on Friday said he could not surrender from the right to speak, Bol News reported.

“Why should we not speak, when terrorism is rising? We will keep speaking, if tried to gag forcibly,” Imran Riaz Khan said adding that neither he had chagrined anyone, nor said anything unconstitutional.

He said going inside and coming out of jail did not matter. Look at the corruption, so should not we talk about it, he asked.

Hailing the court for providing justice to him, the Bol News anchor said he might be arrested again, but he had nothing personal against any person as all he was doing was for the sake of country. “It is a matter of my country, how can I stay silent,” he queried.

“You are free despite doing everything and I am arrested for doing nothing,” he said adding that he was kept in prison like a common inmate and he was treated like any prisoner was treated.

A court of the judicial magistrate Lahore released Senior Journalist and Bol News Anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan in a treason case on Friday.

Earlier, Imran Riaz Khan was arrested at Lahore airport on February 2 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), on charges of hate speech and making a violence-inducing statement, while he was departing for the United Arab Emirates.

The anchorperson was detained on the same day that Islamabad Police detained PTI ally, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

The court while announcing its reserved verdict in the case on the 14-day remand request of the FIA, discharged Imran Riaz from the case and ordered to release him.

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