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Latest Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan From 9 May 2023

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has announced an massive hike for Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan from 9 May 2023. According to the details, Suzuki Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan have been raised by up to Rs. 60,000 depending on the model, which includes the Suzuki GD-110 S, GS-150, GSX-125, GR-150 and GW 250 JP2.

The price hike for Suzuki Motorcycles has been announced while the company’s production remains closed due to the economic situation and restrictions on imports and non-issuance of LCs for automotive companies.

According to the notification, the price of the Suzuki GD 110S in Pakistan has increased to Rs. 322,000 from the old rate of Rs. 322,000 after an increase of Rs. 29,000, while the price of Suzuki GS 150 is now Rs. 350,000 after an increase of Rs. 45,000 from the old rate of Rs. 350,000.

Likewise, the price of Suzuki GR 150 in Pakistan has also increased to Rs. 501,000 from the old rate of Rs. 501,000 after a massive hike of Rs. 46,000, while the price of Suzuki GSX 125 in Pakistan is now Rs. 469,000 after a massive hike of Rs. 43,000 from old rate of Rs. 469,000.

Similarly, the price of Suzuki GW 250 JP2 is now Rs. 1,040,000 from the old price of Rs. 980,000 after an increase of Rs. 60,000.

The new prices of Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan will be applicable from 9 May 2023 and it will make buying a motorcycle extremely difficult for many individuals, who are already burdened with increase in cost of basic commodities.

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Pak Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan [w.e.f 9 May 2023]

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (Rs.)
GD 110SRs. 322,000Rs. 335,000Rs. 13,000
GS 150Rs. 350,000Rs. 364,000Rs. 14,000
GSX 125Rs. 469,000Rs. 488,000Rs. 19,000
GR 150Rs. 501,000Rs. 521,000Rs. 20,000
GW250JPRs. 980,000Rs. 1,040,000Rs. 60,000

It is pertinent to mention that Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) last raised prices for its motorcycles several times in February 2023 and the company maintained prices throughout the month of March.

However, Pak Suzuki isn’t the only to increase its motorcycle prices in Pakistan as other companies like Yamaha Motor Pakistan has also announced price hikes for their motorcycles.

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