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Lawyer murder case: Order not to arrest Imran Khan till August 24

The lawyer accused the judges of the bench, and, fearing contempt of court, apologized with folded hands
The Supreme Court has said that the order not to arrest PTI Chairman in the lawyer murder case will remain in force, the court adjourned the hearing of the case till August 24.

In the Supreme Court, a hearing was held on the petition against Chairman PTI in the lawyer murder case, a 3-member bench headed by Justice Yahya Afridi heard the petition.

When the hearing of the case started, the complainant’s lawyer Amanullah Kunrani raised objection to the judges, and submitted that the case against Hasan Azhar Rizvi is pending in the Sindh High Court.

Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi remarked that you are playing character, which case is pending against me.

Amanullah Kunrani said that if I become a judge, I will give arguments, if you want to be a party, then I will say something else.

Justice Mazahir Naqvi asked the lawyer whether the complainant sent you with these instructions, who gave you the permission to talk about us in this way?

Justice Yahya Afridi told the lawyer that if you had any objection to the judges, you should have submitted it in writing, you should not have come to the rostrum and said such things.

Justice Mazhar Naqvi said that we are not weak to answer the allegations you made.

Lawyer Amanullah Kunrani said in response, “Judge sir, don’t run, I am not your slave.” Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi said, “Are we slaves?” Immediately seek an unconditional apology from the court.

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Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi said that he will issue a contempt of court notice to you. On which lawyer Amanullah Kunrani apologized to the court, and said that my request is that the case should be heard on merit. .

Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi and Justice Mazahar Naqvi refused to accept the apology. On which Amanullah Kunrani said that I withdraw my accusations with folded hands.

Justice Yahya Afridi told the lawyer that I accept your apology. Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi remarked that first give evidence that there is a case or FIR against me.

The court reserved its decision on the pardon of Amanullah Kunrani.

Chairman PTI’s lawyer Latif Khosa submitted to the court that Chairman PTI has been arrested in another case, the lawyers are being summoned by FIA.

Justice Yahya Afridi remarked that there is no other case in front of us, only the Quetta lawyer murder case, give arguments on it.

The court remarked that the order not to arrest the Chairman PTI in the lawyer murder case will stand. The court adjourned the hearing of the case till August 24.

The court remarked that as soon as the case started, the lawyer objected to the two judges, the behavior of the lawyer was unacceptable, the dignity of the court was undermined, lawyer Amanullah Kunrani was asked to apologize, and the lawyer has tendered an unconditional apology. .

It should be noted that Supreme Court lawyer Abdul Razzaq Shar was killed in firing near Alamo Chowk on Airport Road in Quetta a few weeks ago.

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After which on June 7, 2023, a case of murder of the petitioner of the high treason case and senior advocate of the Supreme Court Abdul Razzaq Shar was registered against the PTI Chairman in Quetta.

The case was registered in Shaheed Jameel Kakar police station on the complaint of the son of the slain lawyer

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