Friday, September 22, 2023

Looks like elections will be held in November instead of October: Manzoor Wasan

Manzoor Wasan, the senior leader of the People’s Party and adviser on agriculture, has said that I think that the general elections in the country will be held in November instead of October.

In one of his statements, Manzoor Wasan has said that it is hot in October and the Election Commission will also need some time.

He says that the PPP is of the opinion that the elections should be held on time and the results should be revealed to the people.

Manzoor Wasan said that the assemblies may be dissolved from August 8 to 10, along with the general elections, the broom will be swept away and nobody will be left.

He said that many people will be caught in cases and some will go in and some will come out. In the future government, the Prime Minister will be of PPP or PML-N.

Manzoor Wasan also said that we want the general elections to be held on the basis of the old census.

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